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A downloadable game for Windows.

In Dungeons of Everchange you take a role of a lonely hero, who tries to descend into unknown depths of twisted mazes of Everchange to kill ultimate tyrant Belphegore. There is no written documentation or maps of survivors who dared to enter the mazes and escaped alive, at least no rumors match what you can found down there. Except one: mazes are always different, walls and corridors change, and utmost horrors of every size and shape lurk in dark, waiting for its next prey.

A few more words on game

DoE is a turn based game, with procedurally generated ASCII levels and permadeath implemented. Turn based part is freely switchable to real-time play, and a dungeon start to live life on its own. Combat is purely turn based.

Game features?

  • Procedural levels, with various types of generators, including cyclic dungeon generation
  • Possibility to use almost anything. You are a mage, but found Sword +5 of super death? No problem. Fighter, but found book containing  fireball spell? No problem! You will be a deadly fighter that casts fireballs.
  •  Online leaderboard (optional)
  • Nice amount of different types of death. 
  • Detailed character generation with
    • 12 birthsigns
    • 4 races
    • two main class path to pursue
    • favorite weapon
    • combat triggers 
  • Huge variations of different items 
  • 58 different monsters. Every monster has some unique ability and different AI. They also have birthsign effects applied to them, sometimes wandering alone, sometimes in groups.
  • Unique experience awarding system. You don't get experience for killing monsters, you get experience by doing things wrong. No grinding, sorry :)
  • Main class paths are automatically advanced as you reach more deeper levels.
  • Enemy verbal interaction with player
  • Pleasant ASCII art
  • Sound effects

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Hello, would you do a Linux version too ?


Hi. Yeah, eventually at some point in future.